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For Friends Members and their Guests: Wednesday Night Chat with NCTC Staff

  • November 19, 2014
  • 7:00 PM
  • New Library in the West Pond Building


  • NCTC Librarian

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A Chat With NCTC Staff: Anne Post, Chief Librarian

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Anne Post will speak about the new and ever evolving FWS National Conservation Library which now integrates all physical and digital library functions under one program including what was formerly NCTC Conservation Library, Image Library, and National  Digital Library. 

Anne is part of the team that manages library and information services for the entire Fish and Wildlife Service.

The library collection move from the Commons to West Pond building enables us to centralize all library services to the West-end of campus and provides a new “sanctuary” approach to providing staff and students a physical space for concentrated study and individual and group planning sessions away from the hub-bub of the office. Meanwhile library staff are able to address core-mission information needs that come in from the field and help support and build capacity in the areas that are at the root of our FWS conservation priorities right now i.e. strategic habitat conservation and its relation to climate change and landscape-level conservation; human dimensions of wildlife; conservation leadership; and surrogate species to name just a few. 

Book collections in the West Pond still include content that reflects our NCTC course offerings especially natural resource conservation, environmental education,  and conservation leadership. We continue to value this premier conservation library and its collections as it continues to expand.  The KREATE building, across the street, houses our historic materials in what we call the “Classic Conservation Collection” as well as the image and video material we make accessible through our library portals.

Anne Post is Chief Librarian at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (FWS) National Conservation Library and has provided FWS library services ever since NCTC opened in 1998.  She is honored to serve the FWS field staff, project managers, and Washington Office/NCTC employees with mission-critical conservation information via web portals to scholarly content. Anne is also passionate about the literature that communicates science through storytelling. She loves her camera, her poetry journal, her three grown children and travels as much as possible between Shepherdstown and Maine to spend time with her significant other where they share the love of the mountains and the coast in equal measure.

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