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Thank you, Deb Stecyk and Mike R., for capturing such wonderful photos of Bella and Smitty! If you capture any photos, contact us at, and we may put them in our slideshow.

Great compilation of the Eagle Cams footage of Bella and Smitty's first season together!

Here is the video highlights of the NCTC Bald Eagles 2019 nesting season. There is a heartfelt thank you to NCTC, Outdoor Channel and Friends at the end of the video, as well as, a very special thank you to all the citizen scientists that help us to document the events at the nest. This past year we were able to collect and document bald eagle behavior on a spreadsheet that is accessible to students and the public; thanks again to our small team at Bald Eagles 101 on Facebook your assistance made this possible! Thanks also to Clayton and Randy your support was greatly appreciated! 

- Deb Stecyk at Bald Eagles 101

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